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Madam Joyce Eatery @ Subang Jaya

16 January 2011
We bumped into this corner by chance. At first glance, it seems like any other modern kopitiam but it isn’t. It actually serves wanton noodles & chinese desserts or better known as tong sui. The prices are just actually similar to the traditional chinese coffee shops or just a tad bit higher but […]


Melaka Street @ SS2

31 January 2011
As far as i noticed, I believe this set lunch is a long term promotion here at Melaka Street as I noticed it around more than a year. For 2010, where inflation seems to be at an all time high were within the same year, a bowl of noodles seemed to have gone […]


2011 Promo @ Hainan Tea SS2

31 January 2011
It has been quite awhile since I faithfully updated this blog of great tasting food & related promotions. For starters, I shall update as much as possible with the little free time available just before Chinese New Year & hopefully, be more disciplined in updating.
As office is in SS2,  I do regularly pass […]


Hong Kong Dessert Tim Pan Kor Kor ???? @ SS2

3 February 2010
Just hot out of the oven at max opened 6 months ago in SS2 is Hong Kong Desset (Tim Pan Kor Kor). Ironically, it is on the same row & same block as KTZ or better known as Kei Tak Sek which also serves Hong Kong desserts, I wonder why.
Anyhow, if my memory […]


Prince cafe new sets @ SS2

11 January 2010
The latest outlet to join in the craze of sets & more sets is Prince cafe in SS2. Not only they have breakfast from 9am to 11am & tea time sets from 3pm to 6pm, but they also have supper sets from 10pm till closing. As some may already know, they have had lunch […]


H&H Nyonya Cafe @ Damansara has moved

A short notice for fans of nyonya food out there, this nyonya restaurant was once headquartered at Damansara Uptown, has moved to Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara for a new start few months back.
This old timer (over 20 years) serving nyonya curry and assam fish head, chendol and etc offers nyonya cuisince with an affordable price and set meal as compared to Ah Tuan […]


Cheaper Fruity Ice / sago loh from KTZ ???, Kepong

24 May 2008

Who can resist sweet desserts like chocolates, sweets, ice cream, drinks like soft drink, bubble tea, frappuccino.
I bet you are familar with this Taiwan fuity shaved ice (Sago Loh) which was introduced by KTZ, Fruitti Stall Specialty but is there any competitor out there which can beat them? Do you know that it is reaching RM10 a bowl nowadays and […]

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