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Charcoal stove Hokkien Mee

29 January 2011
While still hot on the topic my all time favourite hokkien mee which I actually just tried earlier in the week at Ah Wah at Taman Paramount, I decided to have a second round here near Old Klang Road since I was at a pasar malam nearby. As I was new, I decided to order […]


Fusiony Restoran Hong Cha @ OUG

25 October 2009
This unassuming old looking coffeeshop attracts many gluttons everyday. However, it is only open at 6pm until 11pm. The reason why I themed it ‘fuisiony’ is that it serves japanese food on top of the usual pork noodles fair.
The pork noodles was great probably because there was lots of ingredients, including prawns & squids. […]


Restoran & Pub Sin Hoy Kee @ Kampung Cempaka

2 May 2008
This is an old timer Kampung Cempaka place where one can find many old folks lazing around. It is very well stocked with lots of liquor for the night time. However, where least expected, you can actually find affordable good food here, for lunch that is. For example this stall has lots of […]


Kedai Kopi Mee Bon Dim Sum @ Jalan Ipoh

 15 March 2008
It has been quite awhile since my last review, my sincere appologies. Going through some of my older photos this year, I came across this popular dimsum place in Jalan Ipoh.
The food there is average about RM3 per basket of dimsum & is great for diehard dimsum lovers who eat them at all […]


RM 2 chicken rice @ Mei Heong, Kepong

10 August 2008
Living in times of one of the highest inflation rates ever, it is definitely eye-catching to see any complete meal still going for RM 2 when on average is RM 4 now. Yes, is definitely true, RM 2, came with some cucumber & parsely & 7 slices of bbq pork or char siew. RM […]


Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas

1 June 2008

I always liked the hakka mee’s texture & previously frequently went to Section 17  to have my dose of hakka noodles. However, now I have found another place at Sunway Mas which also has another of my favourite, barbeque pork of charsiew!
We ordered 2 bowls of hakka mee at RM 3.30 each, a […]


Fresh, affordable Sang Har Meen @ Jackson

 27 April 2008
Craving for some simple seafood meal and you do not want to burn your wallet? Head to the ‘dai chau’ stall at a corner coffee shop in section 17, PJ. At this relatively new stall opens at night, you can order ordinary chinese dishes or their Sang Har Meen / freshwater prawn noodles.
By paying only RM8, you can have a big […]

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