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An authentic pork porridge finishes by 9am @ Section 17, PJ

17 Jul 2008

If you are fans of (chee chap) mix pork porridge, come to Section 17.  This stall is few stones away from the wet market.
We frequent this stall not so much of the convenience but more for craving for a bowl of smooth porridge which is full of pork essence (no MSG), boiled with loads of pig organs like tongues, hearts, livers etc which are good for […]


‘Fresh’ chinese herbal tea @ PJ oldtown, anyone appreciate?

30 Jan 2008
Across wet market and the main bus station in PJ Old Town, there is this old timer surviving in this competative market. Believe it or not, there are about 4 stalls in a row selling herbal tea day / night!! What a competition selling just herbal tea here, haha…
What I particularly love about it? Only at this stall, one can […]


It’s all about Chinese steam soup @ Meng Kee, Paramount Garden

2 Sept 2008
Yeah, you can find chinese soup in most chinese restaurants but how about those that need hours to prepare? Are you always ready to pre-book or pay big bucks for it? If yes then you can go for high end chinese restaurants or some soup specialist like Ah Yip Restaurant.
For those who are familiar with Petaling […]


Mark 19th of the month for Hotdog day?

19  June 2008
1901 Hotdogs, a home grown franchise chain started from a hotdog stand in Sunway Pyramid since 1997. It’s now their turn to have some food promo which has long due to reward their supporters.
Go get a Regular Chicago Beef or Regular New York Chicken sausage at only RM1.99! Looking at RM4.90 (n.p.), it’s about 60% off, a very affordable […]


Cheaper Fruity Ice / sago loh from KTZ ???, Kepong

24 May 2008

Who can resist sweet desserts like chocolates, sweets, ice cream, drinks like soft drink, bubble tea, frappuccino.
I bet you are familar with this Taiwan fuity shaved ice (Sago Loh) which was introduced by KTZ, Fruitti Stall Specialty but is there any competitor out there which can beat them? Do you know that it is reaching RM10 a bowl nowadays and […]


Best old place for authentic ‘roti bakar’ @ Imbi market

6 April 2008
I am a crazy bread lover and I can have it for 3 meals a day but at the end of the day, this is my ultimate favourate one - an authentic toast / roti bakar / roti kahwin with pure butter and runny fragrant kaya (a jam made from coconut milk, eggs, flavourful pandan leaves and […]


Claypot Chicken Rice @ Ming Kee, Taman Segar

4 May 2008
If you come to Leisure Mall in Taman Segar, Cheras, you might spot this ever crowded stall selling only 1 dish at the main road up the slope to Leisure Mall, Bukit Segar and etc. They are popular as the chicken rice is very affordable and yet tasty. Chickens are very juicy, added with lap cheong (chinese […]

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