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Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul @ Giant USJ

3 May 2008
As a comparison to the original Penang Road Chendul, I decided to compare its branch in Selangor. The signature item chendul was ordered but the price is RM 1.90, which is 20 sen more than in Penang, pretty acceptable since generally items in Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya are in fact quite a […]


Thick, pure fresh soya @ PJ

Soya is my favourite, but only the fresh one because of the natural fragrant taste.
This one is very special as I could not find any other places in KL or as far as Ipoh that could offer such pure and thick soya, not to mention about theĀ aroma from it! No jokes, it is so much […]


Chinese Fried banana fritters @ Sea Park

26 November 2007 Monday
Ever craved for those good old days where we can just simply buy some fried stuff from a nearby neighboorhood stall? Well, do not fret as there are still a few chinese stalls selling it in Petaling Jaya, which one of those stalls are located along Jalan 21/19 just outside the Damansara […]

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