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KFC RM1 Cheesy Egg Bun

23 June 2012
As some of you may already know previously there were 2 coupons published in The Star as follows:
- Friday 1 June 2012 - valid until 10 June 2012
- Friday 25 May 2012 - valid until 31 May 2012
Now I spotted in 1 Utama a poster saying on 25 June 2012 only, the same […]


McD Sausage McMuffin Egg RM2.50 is back

18 June 2012

It has been my favorite breakfast spot to have a great start of the day indulge in spongy & hearty McMuffin or pancakes, few cups of fresh brewed arabica coffee, and complementing with news reading, totally refreshing and energized! Not to mention it is made fairly affordable with maintained quality.
????? nan neol salang hae, […]


Burger King RM5.95 set, Any Day Any Time

18 June 2012

The following medium sets are going for an irresistable price of RM 5.95 any day, all day long!
- Whopper Jr - normal price RM 10.95
- BK Singles Mushroom Swiss - normal price RM 12.95
- Grilled Chicken - normal price RM 13.95
- Spicy Chick n Crisp - normal price RM 9.95
That is a discount of at […]


McDonald Breakfast Chic Muffin only RM2.50

9 Apr 2012
While the Weekday Breakfast Specials had been slightly revised to almost RM4.70 for all in recent months, this is definitely a good reward for their loyal fans or breakfast lovers like us. In fact, we did grab this on the first morning touching down Malaysia @o@.
The relatively new Chicken Muffin is now priced […]


Ninja Joe pork burger lunch promotion is back

20 March 2012
Although there are rooms for improvement for Ninja Joe, I think they deserve a second chance as one of the pioneer of non-halal homegrown enthusiastist. Basically the promotion is the same as previous other than the revision of price RM1.
Promo period: 12pm - 3pm, Mon - Fri
Outlets: all
Previous review and the contacts:
Ninja Joe […]


Pizza Hut 50% is back, EVERYDAY ANY TIME

20 Feb 2012
Just like Popeyes’ and PJ JayaOne’s Sushi King’s latest promotion which is making a come back, Pizza Hut has even extended the same promotion to 7 days a week for year 2012! Let’s catch up with these to show some support especially the former ones, their services are descent and pretty pocket friendly […]


Popeyes’ RM4.90 lunch promo is back

14 Feb 2012
The RM4.90 promotion is back from last year, just like Pizza Hut’s current promo! Difference is, this is FROM instead of ALL at RM4.90 but more exciting choices are added which are among the popular ones. For your ref, the original items like fried chicken and tender with rice stay (Mon, Wed and […]

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