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Italian Capricciosa craziest deal at 70% off!

2 May 2012
Started on labour day for 6 days long, Capricciosa is making a come-back for the craziest pasta bonanza for the 1st anniversary, as mentioned earlier in their facebook.

The choices available are all the premium ones (usual price are RM24.90-RM26.90) excluded from the regular express lunch offer. CLICK HERE for the regular lunch RM9.90 & RM15.90 […]


Masaki Honda Italian Capricciosa promo RM9.90, RM15.90

10 Apr 2012

If you are looking for a high quality daily hand made pasta and authentic Italian pizza which had made a fair bit of waves in the town since last year, it is CaPriCcioSa! Back in 1978, Capricciosa has already started to gain praises and created a hit for Italian pasta made by the […]


Papa John’s Buy 1 Free 1 and set lunch promotion

22 Mar 2012
My apologies to miss sharing this pizza place which continue to use the highest quality & freshest ingredients with the most fluffiest dough, richest mushroom soup with lots of mushrom bits in it, list goes on … that I have ever tasted in most pizza chains. Also, you won’t want to miss the […]


Kenny Rogers buy 1 free 1

11 January 2012
In conjunction with Roasters Healthy Eating Day, Kenny Rogers is offering a buy 1 free 1 promotion for only one day on Wednesday 11 January 2012. All one has to do is to wear any clothes, footwear or accessories which are red in colour & purchase a Kenny’s quarter meal to enjoy another […]


Joseph Kitchen @ Solaris & Bangsar, promo set and Illy coffee

Opened by a coffee connoisseur and talented barista cum tranner of Espressamente Illy coffee and its art, Joseph @ Kitchen is also good place to chill while enjoying some thoughtful & hearty food from the kitchen.
There are menus for on-going promotion for breakfast, lunch, tea-time and dinner sets everyday. We had tried the tea-time set and […]


Chicago Ribs, Buy 1 Free 1 / Buy 1 free 1/2

24 December 2011
From 24 December 2011 to 1 January 2012 Chicago Rib House is offering a set meal at RM 55.90. It comes with its signature pork ribs, dessert & moctail. The standard price for bourbon ribs was RM 38.90 which the set is RM 17 extra for the drink and dessert. It would be […]


Ikea Food Promo RM14 off

1 December 2011
Calling all foodies and IKEA shoppers to get together this Christmas season!
IKEA is generous enough this Advent to offer Family Meal worths RM40 at RM26 so that we could all gather to appreciate the family times and counting down Christmas in a swedish way ~~~
The offer is valid for 2 weeks from 28th […]

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