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RM3.55 Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Nam Heong ??

11 June 2008

Originates and headquatered in Jalan Sultan, chinatown KL since 1938, this famous and evergreen chicken rice has evolved to a modernised ambience and expanded many franchised outlet around the town. My last visit to this or it’s outlets were way too long to be recalled as nowadays, it is more convenient to visit the halal “Chicken Rice Shop” which are avail at […]


Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas

1 June 2008

I always liked the hakka mee’s texture & previously frequently went to Section 17  to have my dose of hakka noodles. However, now I have found another place at Sunway Mas which also has another of my favourite, barbeque pork of charsiew!
We ordered 2 bowls of hakka mee at RM 3.30 each, a […]


Strawberry Fields @ Petaling Jaya

12 March 2008
I did not remember what occassion this outting was, but all I remembered was I wanted to chill out at a nice cafe & that is why Strawberry Fields was chosen. I have been to this place as well as Pan Bakery next door numerous times but did not review on it so […]


Pricey & normal Ying Ker Lou @ Sunway Pyramid

2 April 2008
It was a very jammed Wednesday evening & nevertheless took my cousin from Canada out. After the long ride to Sunway Pyramid, we wasted no time to look for a place to settle down & eat. Western food aside since that can be obtained anytime in Canada, it was between japanese genki sushi or Sakae […]


Dae Jang Gum @ Section 14 PJ

17 April 2008
Korean restaurants have always been famour for the variety of side dishes with lots of vegetables. Thus, on this faithful day after eating all the meaty food both at home & outside, we decided to give this place a try. Similar to Seo Gung in SS2, the cashier & owner is a korean […]

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