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Happy Oyster Day TODAY!

28 September 2012
Recently there has been loads of really good promotions & events around town especially for the alcoholics like me! Sadly, the notice was a tad too short so I could not put it up before the event so for this case, I am putting special effort just less than 2 hours before it […]


Snowflake Thank You 4th Anniversary Buy 1 Free 1

18 Sep 2012
Still remember vividly those days relaxing and indulged in my Snowflake at the very 1st branch in SS15 where there were plenty of seats and less crowd… and it is now already 4 year old, congrats and bravo!
Do share your experience here if you have been to this promo. Hopefully they are more […]


Sushi King Bonanza all plates at RM2

1 Oct 2012
1-4 Oct 2012: All states in Peninsular (except Selangor and KL)
8-11 Oct 2012: East Malaysia
15-18 Oct 2012: Selangor and KL
4 July 2012

31 Aug 2011
While many are still mourning over the RM2 all plates promo at JayaOne PJ ended the week before the Raya, I was told by a convincing source that a bigger wave will be […]

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