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24 January 2017 (revised minimum: RM5.90)
20 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017! Wait!!! There is something we must and are excited to share with readers…
Urban Coffee, a cafe based on computer and mobile shop concept, hidden in Mid Valley, is a saviour for many handcrafted coffee lovers around KL and Penang who is on tight budget, as it is as low as RM1 since middle of the year (RM3 as of 7th Nov. click here to read more)!! We can now enjoy a satisfied fresh brewed coffee without financial worries over brands out there where the average of a cup of iced coffee RM10++, how awesome is the news at the inflation era!!

P.S. This is definitely not a gimmick nor apps things. Nonetheless, we are more than happy to pay RM5, a big thank you to Urban Coffee generosity, yay!

- Only available at Gurney Plaza (Penang) & Mid Valley Megamall (KL)
- Minimum RM1 (revised to RM3)
- 1 cup per order

Lot T- 074, Third Floor Mid Valley Megamall (used the spiral stair case next to McDonald)
Lot 170-03-39/40/41, Plaza Gurney, Penang

Other outlets:
Gurney Plaza, Penang
Fettes Tanjong Tokong, Penang
The Spring, Kuching

10AM - 9PM

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