Kemaman Classic Kopitiam

2 December & 17 May 2007

The former Kememan Kopitiam in Section 14, near former Jaya Supermarket & same row as Secret Recipe, Watson’s, 7-eleven always reminds me of the aromatic coffee that I drank in the actual Kopitiam in Kemaman Terengganu. The coffee here is no less different, thus, each time I sit in this kopitiam, I am bound to order it again & again, ha!

List of prices are:
- coffee RM 2.10
- standard toast - an affordable price of RM 1.80
- Western Toast RM 3.90
- Nasi Lemak with ayam rendang is extremely flavourful with its fragrant rice, RM 6.90
- Aunty Tomyam Bihun RM 5.20

Sadly, it has recently shifted in March 2008 to some place in Bangsar, will update once the latest address is gotten. It will then be less accessible & more difficult to get a parking lot there.

Former address:
Kemaman Classic Kopitiam
208 Jalan 14/20,
Section 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya,

Environment      :  Local Cafe
Service             : 3/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 4/5

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    Leticia Says:

    I had the same experience. I tiisved a newly opened Kopitiam near my area here. The food is reputed to be great. The 1st week they opened, I happened to sit right in front of the kitchen. As I waited for my food, one staff climbed on top of the kitchen counter to wipe the wall. One hand held the rag, another holding the cleaning detergent spray. He was happily spraying away.My eyes strayed to the things below him. You know what? 2 pots, uncovered, filled with boiling curry and chicken soup and he happily sprayed away. I quickly told one waiter and questioned how can they allow this. He just shrugged and went over to that guy. That guy sheepishly climbed down.I lost my appetite. I never ever went back there again. You’ll be surprised, Vkeong, a mamak can be cleaner than those kopitiams.Consequently, we’re eating lesser in such cafes and kopitiams. Not that the food is anything to shout about at all, anyway.Sweet Tim at Best Dessert Recipes s last [type] ..

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