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caffeines baked rice9 March 2008

This place was recommended by a friend which is deemed to be very affordable, yummy & great environment too. Therefore, on this fine hot Sunday afternoon, we went hunting for this place. After a couple, wrong turns, including going into Ampang Point shopping centre area & the little korean business area, we found this place along MRR2.

As it was a Sunday, we were afraid that it was not open or did not have the recommended set lunch. After arriving, we thought the place was closed as there were no cars outside, however, to our relief, it was open. We wasted no time & ordered 3 sets at RM 8.00 each with coffee, tea or ice lemon tea, which were:
- Caffeinees’ Baked Rice - fried chicken wings, garden salad, big portion of fragrant spiced fried rice.
- Paddington white fettuccine - with beef bacon & creamy white sauce
- Caribbean Fettuccine Chicken - mild spicy & exotic flavoured (similar to the baked rice) with grilled chicken

As a summary, the food was simply marvelous, all the dishes were beautifully presented and superbly prepared with lots of ingredients as well. Both the baked rice and Caribbean Fettuccine had a rather spanish flavour to it, just like the paella at affordable menu La Bodega. The gravies for both fettuccines were thick, creamy & yummy, making you dream about it moments later. Coffee is of the quality type grinded from beans similar to Illy.

The only downside to this place is it is still relatively new in a rather unknown secluded area with only a few rows of shops, thus, not being a crowd puller since not much publicity given to it either.

From Cheras using MRR2, exit at Ampang Point shopping centre, make a U-turn at the traffic light, landmark will be just after the Shell station
From Kuala Lumpur main city or Great Eastern Mall, do not go up the ramp to go towards Ampang Point shopping centre, at the traffic light, turn right & then look for the Shell Station.

2 Jalan Excella 2
Taman Ampang Hilir,
Kuala Lumpur


Environment      :  Cafe
Service             : 3/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 5/5

Caribbean Fettuccine ChickenPaddington white fettuccine

baked rice

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