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kimchi soup17 April 2008

Korean restaurants have always been famour for the variety of side dishes with lots of vegetables. Thus, on this faithful day after eating all the meaty food both at home & outside, we decided to give this place a try. Similar to Seo Gung in SS2, the cashier & owner is a korean person. I just tried finding recent review of this restaurant at its other branches like in Puchong or Ampang but there were none this year so I am not sure if it is affiliated or still in operation.

In order to have something light, we did not order the grilled beef set, instead, we ordered KimChi Jji Gae at RM 16 & Jjam Ppong at RM 17 which incidentally bother were kimchi based. KimChi Jji Gae is kimchi ramenkimchi soup while Jjam Ppong is Kimchi Ramen noodles. When the food came, it was piping hot & the soup looked really very spicy! When it came to eating it, both were almost equally spicy with the ramen slightly less spicy. The kimchi soup had lots of cabbage but only had abit of beef in it, however, the kimchi ramen noodles had quite alot of seafood in it like prawns, squid & clams and flat noodles were given instead of the standard instant noodles type which was given by pavilion food court.

Overall the food tasted good especially when served hot with the kimchi aroma slowly arising & there were quite a variety of side dishes as well like fried lotus, spinach, fried egg, bean sprouts or taugeh, ikan bilis, cucumber, kimchi, fish cake & side dishesanother type of greens that looks like asparagus. I particularly liked the cucumber, fish cake & fried lotus & of the 2 dishes, i prefered the kimchi ramen noodles maybe because of the additional seafood in it.

At the end of the meal, we were served the korean sweet dessert which was had a cooling effect & tasty when served with shaved ice. It is called Sweet Rice Punch or Sik Hae in Korean. Usually at authentic Korean restaurants, all the side dishes, dessert & green tea is free & refillable which is good for people who prefer to chat & eat more vegetables. In general, the food is great, tasty & authentic but given the choice between Dae Jang Gum & Seo Gung, I would go for Seo Gung not just it might have more side dishes, but tastier desserttoo.

20B-2, 20B-3 Jalan 14/20
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 7957 2613
Opens 11am - 11pm

Environment      : Korean Restaurant
Service             : 3/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 3/5

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