All day Wholesome & yet Budget at RM7.50 @ Subway (ended in Apr)

Coming up, Subway opens in SS2, same row as Wong Kok!!

26 Nov 2009
I am a frequent & loyal supporter of Subway ever since they introduced this. My apologies as I should have posted this long time ago but you should not miss this on going promo which was started a year ago.

daily promosPlease allow me to give my testimony and appreciation that I had been struggling and searching for something that is WHOLESOME, TASTY & SUBSTANTIAL and yet BUDGET when I need to eat out quite often without guilt to my health/wallet/taste bud. Believe it or not, this is how far I have gone to actually search for a meal that comes with simple and reasonable priced fresh garden salads ranges from:

1. Mamak/Banana Leaves that serve vegetarians –> no no to curry/spicy vegi

2. Fast food chains like Popeye’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Carl’s Jr, (McD is totally out of the question:)) –> thumbs up for their variety but no no for pre-made salad and high calories dressing

3. Cafes like¬†Starbucks etc –> no no for pre-made, not so fresh, no variety

4.¬†Hong Kong style cafes –> no no for pre-made, not so fresh, no variety

5. Fine-dining for western food –> Some are overpriced as side kicks / pre-made. Exceptions like Ole-ole Bali grilled salad is fresh and worth the price

6. Chinese eateries –> no no to cooked vegi

7. Organic / Health eateries –> might be within budget but usually it is too bland for me

8. O’Brien –> tasty but no no to the price and too little even for females.

Carl’s Jr used to be my choice as it is not pre-made, but since it is pre-packed and occasionally kept over few nights, it might turn out spoilt when un-pack.

Outlets: mys.subway.com

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