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tea time snacks11 January 2010

The latest outlet to join in the craze of sets & more sets is Prince cafe in SS2. Not only they have breakfast from 9am to 11am & tea time sets from 3pm to 6pm, but they also have supper sets from 10pm till closing. As some may already know, they have had lunch sets as far as I can remember Prince cafe existed.

The drinks like coffee & tea are a far cry from Wong Kok’s & the food is pretty decent too for most items except the fried noodle with seafood sauce which was just mediocre & not much ingredients in it. Thus far, the Pork Chop burger in “Macau” style was tasty with a chunky piece of porkchop in it & the egg sandwich was great with lots of eggs in it. I also did remembered that breakfast & supper setsthe cheese baked rice was on par with Kim Gary’s standard too, can anyone comment on that now?

Sadly, I do not remember seeing similar promotions in the Metro Prima branch in Kepong, thus, I would just put this promo applicable to the SS2 branch unless someone could let me know if is the same elsewhere. Prices for tea time snacks range from Rm4.90 to RM9.90 which comes with coffee, tea, lemon tea or soft drinks. Prices from breakfast & supper sets on the other hand start from RM3.90 to RM6.90 which also comes with the same drinks

SS2 (next to KFC, same row as relatively new coffee cafe Old Taste)
58, 60 Jln ss2/67
fried noodles with seafood sauce03-78743995
9am-1am (weekdays)
9am-2am (weekends)

Environment : Cafe
Service        : 4/5
Taste           : 4/5
Price            : 4/5

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