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waffle with fruity and cream7 April 2011 

As a waffle lover, I always feel there is a lack of international brands in the country. Apparently, there is one that is making a come back to this land since last Oct! Geláre is a popular household name from Australia famous for its smooth and rich gelato and aromatic & fluffy waffles.

Although I do frequent some local waffle chains like Daily Fresh regularly which is to my liking as well, Geláre’s version is the western type which is fluffy and light, similar to the A&W’s, but taste wayyyy better and yet not the savoury type, perfecto!

Well, what is special about Geláre is one might get addicted to the rich and irrisistable aroma from Geláre’s while they are making it, thumbs up to the superb recipe used, which also contributes to a fantastic fluffy & yet moisture texture. When it is hot, it is slightly crusty from outside while it is soft, warm and moist from inside. 

They also make ice cream waffle cones upon order which is as addicted as the former.

So if you prefer the western version which is light, fluffy, healthier, less sweet and yet good waffle, there is none other than this! Head down to Gelare for 50% on waffles every Tues, and free 1 scoop of ice cream on waffle every Wednesday, Buy 1 Free 1 on ice cream everyday until 30th June (this is with coupon) where the scoop is comparatively huge and yet made of only fresh milk & cream. What else one can ask for for such a good discount and enjoyable experience with Geláre waffles. Read on about the thoughts they put in to make the extraordinary ice cream from modification of machienary, air content, temperature etc, impressive! http://www.gelare.com

For some people, they might find the Geláre is less sweet, it is good enough for me though. You can opt for some topping like fruits or Ice cream.  Again, it is light but very smooth and milky, I like flavours like cheese, rum and raisins & pralines. A word of caution though to avoid the strawberry syrup as shown in the picture which looked abit too red for me.

You may want to try pancakes from RM5.90 and Ice Cream Brownie which are their new items.

Other promotion:
Executive lunch promotion

e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure)
Level G-30 & 31 (next to Tony Roma’s)

Pavilion (Some promotions might not be applicable)

SSTwo Mall (coming soon)

Environment : Cafe
Service         : 3.5/5
Taste            : 4.5/5
Price             : 3.5/5

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