Set lunches in Tropicana City Mall

Overtime16 August 2011

After being to Tropicana City Mall for lunch several times, I thought of compiling a list especially for office workers who are on a tight budget. Here is the list:

- Pastry Culture (G-K2): Spaghetti, cake & mineral water at RM 9.90
(1) Carbonara
(2) Tomato
(3) Tuna

- Papa John (G-07): Executive Lunch Set with drink (ended)
(1) Chicken & Mushrom baked rice
papa john(2) Marco Polo Bolognaise
(3) Super Papa’s Pizza (Chicken/Beef)

- Artista Bar & Restaurant (G-13) : Main course, ice lemon tea & dessert of the day at RM 13, RM 7.50 for the second set!
(1) Grilled Chicken
(2) Pan Fried Fish Fillet
(3) Beef Ragout
(4) Thai Fried Rice
(5) Open Face Club Sandwich

- Esquire Kitchen (L1-13): meal with herbal tea & kwai lin kou or chinese turtle jelly from RM10.90 (RM 12.65 nett)
(1) Fried noodles
(2) Pork chop rice & others

- Bobalicious Smoothies (L1-K2): Smoothies Mineral water with 3 choices of spaghetti at RM12.90 RM9.90 or RM10.90?

- Over Time (L1-51):
(1) Fried chicken with tom yam style rice,
(2) Fried pork rib with black bean sauce rice,
(3) Fried pork with nyonya style rice@ RM11.90 ++
(4) Fried udon with seafood & black pepper sauce,
(5) Ayam masak kunyit with rice,
(6) Ayam masak merah with rice @ RM11.60 ++

- Sushi Tei (G-16/G-17)
- San Francisco Steakhouse (G-41 to G-43)
- MBuji (G-51)
RM12.90 Daily lunch menu comes with aromatic african coffee/tea
Breakfast menu is also avail
- Otak-otak place (L1-58)
- Kimchi Korean Restauratn (L1-57)

All times of the day:
- Eat n’ Run (LG-25): 6 Choices Of Sauces for Deep Fried Chicken Or Fish with Baked Beans, Coleslaw &/Or Veggie Salad & Drinks at Rm8.90
- Kushi Q (LG-20): RM 11.90 for chicken bento set, RM 13.90 for beef, fish & unagi bento set

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