Oktoberfest 2011 roundup

Tropicana city mall10 October 2011

Upon much persuasion from friends & curiosity of what promotions there are for the beers as well as the sheer number of Oktoberfest events from both GAB or Guiness Anchor Berhad and Carlsberg, I decided to checkout a few places like Ecoba, 1 Utama & Tropicana City Mall. Besides that, I also dropped by to take a look at the scene at Beer Factory Sunway Giza & Souled Out Sri Hartamas. The typical games that they had are like:
Pound sausages

  • Barrel race
  • Stein race & stein holding competition
  • Beer Drinking competition
  • Pretzel eating competition
  • Best chicken dance

Here are my comments:

  • Ecoba
  • lots of games, at a point, they had the beer centurion challenge indoors at the same time having bands & other competitions outside. They also had the bull ride & target shooting to make someone fall into the pool of water at all times. 2 or 3 types of beers at the event 1 utamaarea. There was even a small bazaar for some to do abit of shopping.
  • 1 Utama
  • biggest venue. It had target shooting like Ecoba & hammer game. It probably has the most people & natually most happening too though not everyone seemed to participate especially those seated at the far-end of the tent.
  • 5 types of beers but there was no refill, RM50 for imported beers & RM40 for Carlsberg & each time you purchase, the stein is yours to take home, so for heavy drinkers, you may probably just beer factoryleave many behind. Quite alot of sausages, roasted pork & mashed potatoes & sauerkraut but seemed less than last year.
  • Tropicana City Mall
  • was smaller but the first day was kind of boring maybe due to insufficient events planned as I noticed Saturday & Sunday had many more events on the list and stools were later put in since almost everyone had to stand on Friday. Bull ride & hammer games were also there. All the usual games were played plus they even had a dance around the area like a people train. They even had a few clowns & waitresses going around chatting with guests & even dancing with them!
  • Being a GAB event, the beers & food seemed cheaper, RM50 for first stein of Killkenny, Heineken, Tiger or Guiness & RM 30 for refills and RM 10 for 330 ml plastic cups as well as the 3 special beers for RM 70. To put in more excitement, there were times where the DJ announced buy 1 free 1 on Saturday & Sunday. They also had the 1 pounder meal at RM30 each where one can choose between Fish, Burger or 2  foorlong sausages. These can be ordered at San Francisco Steakhouse for whole of Oktober for RM 39.90.
  • Beer Factory
  • Similar to Tropicana City Mall but larger space. However, there did not seem to have any bull ride, hammer or bulls eye target to get someone wet. Stage was right in the centre which meant some of the audience only saw the backs of the performers.
  • Souled Out
  • Was like carnival atmosphere where they had a parade of vintage cars, street band, clowns & performances. There was also a small bazaar selling some stuff like what Ecoba had. It also had a short display of fireworks since it was its anniversary too.
  • They also had all sort of food from sausages to pasta & the full range of beer from Heineken, Tiger, Kilkenny, Guiness to Strongbow & Paulaner. They even had juices for sale!

Few more notable upcoming events from GAB around Klang Valley would be:

  • Munich Gastro Bierhaus at IOI Boulevard on Wednesday 12 October - though organised by Carlsberg but the beer there seems cheaper - http://www.facebook.com/munichgb
  • Beer Factory at Scott’s Garden on Thursday 13 October
  • Laundry at the Curve on Wednesday 19 October

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