Mr Chiam evergreen curry puff, banana fritters @ Brickfields

8 March 2012

It just strikes me last night to revisit this place after watching a documentary that flash back our one and only chinatown started by Yap Ah Loy & etc, one of our father of development. So to speak, this would be a nostalgic experience as well, where the business is passed down from generations, just like those descendants in chinatown who are fighting against the demolishment of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Petaling to give way to MRT project recently.

Needless to say, Mr. Chiam curry puff (RM1.20) still remain as one of the best in town, judging from the outer crispy layered pastry down to the generous and flavorful chicken and potato filling. The service is efficient and the father and son are always smiling and friendly, usually we order from the son who manages orders. Thus far, no scolding or black face were sighted eventhough the queue is long during lunch time as many order in bulk or pre-ordered. So if you are one of those who make the trip there just to crave for the fritters, do call up and book beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Overall, there is nothing much changed. They will use walkie-talkie and call for replenishment which will be “couriered” to them from the shop above next to the stall via a rope on a pulley attached to a basket, Just like the older style of street business. The curry puff is RM1.20 now, it is larger and crispier; others are RM1 (kuih bakul / nien koh, pisang raja, sesame ball), all are signatures and not to be missed although I am a curry puff lover.

Just my wishful thinking, blogging this shall remind myself not to overlook this charming place by the fast growing eateries and many internet groupons which had caught much of our attention, it is definitely worth the trip for such a satisfying & nolstagic experience. Click HERE and HERE for more photos & previous reviews.

Others in top of my list:
- Chinese fried banana fritters @ Sea Park, PJ

- A stall next to a Yau Char Kuih stall in front of the alley in Chinatown (same road as original Hon Kee porridge and Kun Kee wantan mee). The skin is the normal type but the fillings will give much kicks to your taste bud!

- Homi curry puff @ SS2 coffee shop (below Upstairs Cafe) priced at RM1.80 and The Gardens food court. It is deteriorating sad to say.

(In front of corner shop Restoran Yit Sieang, or at the junction behind Old Town cafe and Asia law college, before reaching YMCA)
Mr. Chiam
Tel: 012-6172511
Open from: 12.30pm

Environment : Roadside stall
Service : 5/5
Taste : 4.5/5
Price : 4/5

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