Burma Road coffee shop next to New World

sui kau14 December 2007

This coffee shop was discovered along Burma Road (Jalan Burma), next to  New World Hawker centre & Swatow Lane Ice Kacang. As usual, reason for choosing this place was plain & simple, saw many people patronising it. This shop really reminds us of the good old coffe shop days with simple furniture like a full back wooden chairs & marble tables with mosaic checkered tiles on the walls & floor. The front faces Burma Road, while the side faces New World Hawker centre & the back faces the infamous Swatow Lane ice kacang stall.

mee jawaBetween 2 of us, we ordered & shared a bowl of dumplings or sui kau (sui kow) & mee jawa. The sui kau was packed with meat & vegetables which you do not usually see in K.L. while the soup at least had strong ikan bilis (anchovies) taste. Mee Jawa was also not less satisfying with the tasty & thick gravy with lots of ingredients like sotong (squid), tau foo & crispies.

Opens for lunch & dinner
Environment      : Chinese Coffeeshop
Service             : 4/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 4/5

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