Pizza Hut 50% Wow Saver is Back (ended)

17 Feb 2014

After a long long wait, it has finally made a come back. The T & C stays pretty the same, choose one item for each person. Not valid on public holidays.

Details are as follows:

  • Monday - Personal Hawaian Chicken Pan Pizza RM 4.90, Honey BBQ Wings (4 pcs) RM 3.95, Asam Boi Fizz RM 2.60?
  • Tuesday - Cream Cheese Baked Rice RM 4.60, Chef’s Favourite Chicken Caeser Salad Rm 4.25, Tropicana Twister Orange RM 2.10
  • Wednesday - Personal Chicken Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza RM 6.15, Garlic Bread & Soup of the day RM3.25, Iced Lemon Tea RM 1.75
  • Thursday - Mushroom Chicken Spaghetti Alio Olio RM 6.25, Mama Mia Meatballs (Chicken / Beef) RM 5.25, Blackberry Fizz RM 2.60
  • Friday - Meatball Bolognaise (Chicken / Beef) RM 6.25, Chicken Sausages with Cheese Dip RM 6.95, Asam Boi Fizz RM 2.60?
  • Saturday - Favourites Platter RM 12.45, Garlic Bread & Soup of the day RM 3.25,  Double Delight RM 2.60
  • Sunday - Chef’s Favourite Chicken Caeser Salad Rm 4.25, Chicken Sausages with Cheese Dip RM 6.95, Apple Crumble RM 4.45

I have so far tried Mama Mia Meatballs which had quite alot of yummy cheese grilled with the meatballs which were quite similar to Ikea’s & the Blueberry Fizz was original & simply gassy.


Pervious review:
Pizza Hut 50% is back, EVERYDAY ANY TIME

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