Breakfast at Peppercorn Cafe

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4 April 2015

Again no thanks to the GST, this quaint place in Subang Jaya SS15 had no choice but to increase their prices. It is still reasonable in price where the cheapest set comes at RM7 nett & it all comes with freshly brewed coffee, not the instant or local coffee or tea:
- Combo 1: Eggs, 1 Sausage, Toast, butter & jam
- Combo 2: Eggs, Baked Beans, butter & jam
- Combo 3: Pancakes with fresh fruits, honey or butter
- Combo 4: Eggs, Hash Brown, Toast, butter & jam

set menu 2

Other sets are not too expensive unlike some upmarket cafes with slightly better ambience making us eat breakfast at lunch/dinner prices of around RM20!:
- American Set Breakfast RM 10: Eggs, 2 sausages, beef bacon, baked beans, toast, butter, jam and orange juice
Country Set Breakfast
- Set A RM 8.50: Eggs, 1 ham, 1 sausage, baked beans, toast with butter & jam
- Set B RM 8.50: Eggs, 2 sausages, baked beans, toast with butter & jam
- Set C RM 8.50: 2 Waffles with fresh fruits, butter & honey
- Set D RM 9.50: Eggs, hash brown, beef bacon, baked beans, toast with butter & jam
- Set O RM 11.50: 2 poached eggs, chicken ham, baked beans gratin with mozzarella cheese, toast with butter & jam

american breakfast

The above is after GST implementation while the below picture is before. Well, does not look smaller I think. The eggs can be chosen between omelette, sunny side up or scrambled. So far I have tried omelette & scrambled & both are almost the same with the eggs being still abit runny but I feel it looks abit too white & not much egg taste, maybe too much egg white or milk? The sausage & bacon & hash brown is good though.

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