Manhattan Fish Market RM6.99 is Back!

09 May 2016

7 days 10-13 May, 16-18 May. (No T&C) Dine-in / Take away all day while stock last. All outlets except KLIA 2 and AEON Kota Bahru

Having waiting for the annual galore of fish and chips, folks? Get set, Go Go Go!!

Don’t miss the dates again as IT IS INDEED “Best Deal In Town!” Thumbs up, Manhattan Fish Market for the exciting yearly rewards for all Malaysians especially. The king and french crab platter and other promotions are also not to be missed too.

Cooking available:
Fried (comes with chips and salad) / Grilled (comes with mashed potato and buttered veggies).
Dory RM6.99, Snapper RM8.99, Salmon RM10.99

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