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RM1 Original Penang White coffee @ Dazzling

25 December 2011
As Penang white coffee is pretty rare to be found in places around KL and the RM1 banner rooted in my mind, this is definitely the first place which came across our mind to try some authentic Penang white coffee in a hot lazy afternoon.

Originated from Lebuh Pantai Penang as Kopitan Restaurant, this […]


Penang Street Kopitiam sets from RM2.90!

5 December 2011
I returned to Penang Street Kopitiam to try the set lunch on a weekday. Expectedly due to its reasonable prices, the place was almost packed to the brim with many people also taking the RM 7.90 nett set lunch while some others ordered nasi lemak which seemed quite popular.
The chicken chop some crinkle […]


Killiney Kopitiam Sets @ SSTwo Mall

22 November 2011
While on a recent trip to Killiney to enjoy the tea-time promo, I also stumbled upon some additional set meals which are available at all times of the day. Also, I just got to know from the waiter for the tea-time promo, everything in the menu can be ordered for the 30% discount!
For RM […]


Ribs King (Pork) Opening Promo Buy 1 Free 1

28 November 2011
Starting last week, the hawker food chain Ribs King aka ‘Pai Kuat Wong’ are extending their business to a full fledge cafe in SS2. As an opening promotion of this remarkable milestone, they are having Buy 1 Free 1 for any set meal until next month:
- the complimentary one must be of the […]


Kelantanese’s Belanga Café breakfast - super deal!

12 October 2011
This promotion has been around for several months but I have not gotten the chance to try it until recently. I was even afraid that the promotion would not longer be available more so with many places increasing their prices.
Finally, I managed to get my teh tarik & nasi lemak bungkus set which had […]


My Breakfast @ OldTown Kopitiam

28 October 2011
Though I believe OldTown Kopitiam is no stranger to anyone, I am still uploading the latest breakfast menu which also actas as a menu guide for me to refer to. This is because I tried searching all over Google for a recent menu but ended up unsuccessful & furthermore, since its introduction of […]


Killiney Kopitiam Promo @ SSTwo Mall

6 October 2011
Quick update that the rather newly opened Killiney Kopitiam at SS2 Mall is having 2 promotions, ie:
- 30% discount on all food & drinks between 3pm to 6pm from Monday to Thursday
- RM 6.50 for breakfast sets where normal price is RM 7.80
So far I only managed to try the red bean ice blended […]

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