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A bowl of hand knitted goodness in Sri Sentosa

20 Jan 2015
A bowl of homey pan mee or well received modern interpreter of Jojo’s pan mee chain? If yes for the former, you can find this at the Seri Sentosa main street near the old flats. Just one sip, you could tell the soup is prepared using ikan bilis (and maybe mushroom) which is […]


(Boat Noodle) Victory Monument landed in Malaysia!

1 April 2015 update: no additional tax or GST imposed which is a big welcome!
27 November 2014
The day that we were eagerly eyeing had finally here. The opening of the original recipe of the pioneer of Thailand Boat Noodle from Victory Monument, Bangkok in SS2 Petaling Jaya! You can be re-assured of the authenticity by […]


Inflation Buster Breakfast

23 October 2014
A thousand apologies yet again for a long absense of food reviews with the last being more than 3 months ago! But with the most recent petrol price increase of 20 sen on 2 October 2014 yet again (though world prices are dropping), we will need to work harder to earn more!
Thus, just […]


Mr Chiam evergreen curry puff, banana fritters @ Brickfields

8 March 2012
It just strikes me last night to revisit this place after watching a documentary that flash back our one and only chinatown started by Yap Ah Loy & etc, one of our father of development. So to speak, this would be a nostalgic experience as well, where the business is passed down from generations, just like those descendants in chinatown who […]


Tea time snacks @ SS5

28 October 2011
I just remembered in college days, there is this Malay family who parks a white truck under some shady trees between Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya and the T-Junction of Jalan Majlis, which leads to the former roundabout, now traffic lights. I believe besides passers-by along Jalan SS5/2 which is not really busy, it should […]


Chee cheong fun behind beach club

9 February 2011
While fresh in my mind, I would like to review this stall selling chee cheong fun behind Beach Club along Jalan Sultan Ismail. This small road attracts the office crowd in the afternoons as well as the club goers at night. However, in the afternoon, there is a whole variety of food from […]


Best authentic flavour of Apom/Apam Balik @ Taman Yulek

Malays call it Apom/Apam Balik and Chinese/Nyonya call this ‘Ban Chiang/Chen/Chang/Jian Kuih’ which is simply a local pancake originally comes with groundnut & sugar, commonly found at night and morning market. There are 2 types: thick and crispy thin.
Honestly I am not fond of this local staple nor groundnuts but this one really got me into it since then. From the very first bite, you will […]

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