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Excellent Hairy Crab @ King Crab

I believe no introduction is needed for this seafood restaurant who has been reviewed and highly recommended by many bloggers and seafood lovers around KL. They are reputable for their very fresh seafood. Hairy crabs with giant claws and fried salted egg yolk sotong for example. Please be there earlier to avoid long wait on food that needs long time […]


Thick, pure fresh soya @ PJ

Soya is my favourite, but only the fresh one because of the natural fragrant taste.
This one is very special as I could not find any other places in KL or as far as Ipoh that could offer such pure and thick soya, not to mention about the aroma from it! No jokes, it is so much […]


The eats & dont’s @ Pavilion Food Republic

1 April 2008
Pavilion Food Republic is the latest food court in Kuala Lumpur. Food Republic and some of its stalls actually originated from Singapore. However, due to popular believe that Singapore food do not taste good, this outlet seems to have proven otherwise in terms of food court standards.
It boasts of a very big upmarket looking area […]


50% discount dim sum @ Lijin Pavilion

Similar to Ah Yat’s strategy of luring Dim sum fans, Lijin Chinese Fusion Cuisine in Pavilion is also having 50% discount of their dimsum dishes. Environment similar to many other outlets in Pavilion is definitely first class!
50% - Mondays to Fridays 2.30pm - 5.00pm
30% - At all other times
Valid till 31 December 2007
Lijin Chinese Fusion Cuisine
6.39 Bintang Circle, […]


Chinese Fried banana fritters @ Sea Park

26 November 2007 Monday
Ever craved for those good old days where we can just simply buy some fried stuff from a nearby neighboorhood stall? Well, do not fret as there are still a few chinese stalls selling it in Petaling Jaya, which one of those stalls are located along Jalan 21/19 just outside the Damansara […]


Tosai, Puri & Banana Leaf Rice @ Sri Paandi Section 11, PJ

25 November 2007
What more budget branch could you have but to go for indian food? Between 2 people, the food ordered were:
1 puri RM1 (best tried so far)
1 tosai masala RM2 - filled with vegetables & some yummy ghee
1 tosai RM1.20 - comes pre mixed with some vegetables too
2 vade RM1.40
1 teh tarik RM1
The chicken, fish and […]


New Sakae Sushi @ Pavilion

24th November 2007 Saturday
12.30pm.. I was so excited to spot the brand new branch of Sakae Sushi, with new comprehensive desert menu, and be the first few patrons, which has never failed me with fresh and affordable sushi so far.
However, I must say that I had alot of funny experiences that disappointed me:
- The staff made the […]

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