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Another Sakae Sushi Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

26 January 2008
Once again I decided to try yet another outlet of Sakae Sushi. Tried the Fried Maki, Salmon skin temaki, kakiage & salmon karnage or Fried salmon fish head. The prices are RM 1.90, RM 1.90, RM 1.90 & RM 3.90 respectively, which is similar to the other outlets. Salmon skin temaki is packed with […]


Endless Varieties of Fruit Juice @ Chulia Street, Georgetown

29 Nov 2007

By looking at the stall from afar, it looks very ordinary.
However, when you observe it closely, you will be amazed by the wide variety of fresh & value for money fruits that they serve! Besides tropical fruits like dragon fruit, soursoup, jambu air/Rose Apple/Water Apple (Eugenia aquea), water crest, little mango (Tang Chai Mong in cantonese), honeydew, banana and etc, they also […]


What’s so good about Sushi Groove @ 1 Utama?

27 September 2007
It is with great reluctance that I review this place. What used to be a large crowd during its opening in 1 Utama quickly fade away so much so that during its opening in Sunway Pyramid’s new wing, there were barely a handful of patrons despite its waiters & waitresses persuading people to […]


Great environment Island Cafe @ SS2

17 October 2007
This place was visited sometime back in October last year. Was always curious why there are so many people patronising this cafe as I always believe if the place has many people, it has got to be good!
Thus, I tried the Mocha ice blended with pandan chicken. Prices seemed fair enough for the […]


Fried oyster & lobak @ Lebuh Kimberly

30 November 2007
This is by far the best fried egg with oyster or fried oyster or fried oyster omelette or in hokkien, owh chien, ever found in Penang. Its starchiness and crispiness if just nice and the oysters are just rightly cooked, neither too raw nor too cooked. Each plate ranges from RM6 to RM10. […]


Salmon Steak Restaurant @ Subang SS15

20 December 2007
Though this place does not really look like a proper western restaurant, but at least it has got aircon in its plain shop. Its prices are neither ridiculously cheap like SS3 but is still well worth every dime spent.
Among four of us, we had an NZ rib eye steak (RM13.00), Italian cheese chicken chop (RM9), […]


DELIcious @ 1 Utama

21 December 2007
I was always intrigued by the hoardes of people patronising the 2 DELIcious outlets at both 1 Utama and Bangsar Village 2. Thus, on this day I decided to give it a try. As being afraid of being too full, it was decided to order 4 cheese macaroni (RM18.90) & black apple crumble with […]

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