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RM 2 chicken rice @ Mei Heong, Kepong

10 August 2008
Living in times of one of the highest inflation rates ever, it is definitely eye-catching to see any complete meal still going for RM 2 when on average is RM 4 now. Yes, is definitely true, RM 2, came with some cucumber & parsely & 7 slices of bbq pork or char siew. RM […]


50% off on all Frosty beverage, every Fri * @ Wendy’s

3 Aug 2008
On top of beef burgers and frosty, give baked potatoes and shrimp burger (it is good as it’s rather un-commercialised as lots of bouncy shrimps pieces used) a try. The price is just slightly above McD but it is more worth it with the taste of home-made and better quality.
* with any purchase

Wendy’s landed […]


Mark 19th of the month for Hotdog day?

19  June 2008
1901 Hotdogs, a home grown franchise chain started from a hotdog stand in Sunway Pyramid since 1997. It’s now their turn to have some food promo which has long due to reward their supporters.
Go get a Regular Chicago Beef or Regular New York Chicken sausage at only RM1.99! Looking at RM4.90 (n.p.), it’s about 60% off, a very affordable […]


50% of ALL items @ The Loaf

30 July 2008
Come one, come all! Unfortunatley I am writing this abit late, but there is still 2 days left, today and tomorrow! From the 1 August to 8 August 2008, The Loaf at the Pavilion is having their 2nd Anniversary celebration and everything will be going for 50% off the normal price! That’s not all, […]


Earthquake day rocks @ Swensen’s Café

5 Aug 2008
For all ice cream lovers and couples out there, come and indulge yourself with their signature dish - house brand ice cream.
Get yourself and your group of friends/colleagues/kaki to visit Swensen for a regular / giant Earthquake and choose EIGHT types of your flavorite flavours, and watch out for the 50% promotion on this item at all […]

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