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RM1 beer at Oktoberfest 2008 @ 1 Utama

31 October 2008
It is the time of the year once again for Oktoberfest, 31 October 2008 to 2 November 2008! This year it also seems to coincide with Halloween day on the last day of October. It is the fourth year that 1 Utama is holding this event & I can still clearly remember the […]


So long, Genki Sushi.. another Sakae Sushi @ KLCC

July 2008
As you all might have known by now, Genki Sushi in Malaysia has been taken over by Sakae Sushi, the Singapore sushi chain giant.
I must say that I salute Genki Sushi which left with me such a memorable experiance and so much fun (anniversary events) venturing and learning how to appreciate Japanese cuisine since those years in high school. Their merchandise will […]


RM1 drinks for breakfast @ cozy Prince Cafe vs Wong Kok vs Kim Gary

Aug 2008
While enjoying the discounted breakfast items from 9am-12pm, don’t forget to complete your meal with drinks for only RM1 (coffee, tea, ice lemon tea)! Will post review on their food soon.
Generally, food here are definitely tastier than Wong Kok and also cheaper (and could be of better quality) than Kim Gary.
Taste wise, it could be […]


Ladies, 50% off on Tues @ Gloria Jean’s

14 Oct 2008
For all ladies out there, mark your calendar on every Tues for 50% off on all FOOD & DRINKS (except on promotion set meals).
Yes! It does not require any particular credit cards holders and you might consider bringing your friends to enjoy the promotion together or even call for free delivery (mentioned on the promo […]


100 yen shop

7 June 2008
I have always been a big fan or ice blended or ice kacang or ice shavings especially on a hot sunny day.  This place called 100 yen shop caught me by surprise as it is more like a convenience store rather than a shop selling drinks.
The 100 yen shop has by far the […]


Restoran & Pub Sin Hoy Kee @ Kampung Cempaka

2 May 2008
This is an old timer Kampung Cempaka place where one can find many old folks lazing around. It is very well stocked with lots of liquor for the night time. However, where least expected, you can actually find affordable good food here, for lunch that is. For example this stall has lots of […]


Kedai Kopi Mee Bon Dim Sum @ Jalan Ipoh

 15 March 2008
It has been quite awhile since my last review, my sincere appologies. Going through some of my older photos this year, I came across this popular dimsum place in Jalan Ipoh.
The food there is average about RM3 per basket of dimsum & is great for diehard dimsum lovers who eat them at all […]

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