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Prince cafe new sets @ SS2

11 January 2010
The latest outlet to join in the craze of sets & more sets is Prince cafe in SS2. Not only they have breakfast from 9am to 11am & tea time sets from 3pm to 6pm, but they also have supper sets from 10pm till closing. As some may already know, they have had lunch […]


Where is Tong Kee egg tarts @ PJ?

12 Jan 2010
(Mun)Mon Kee pastries are everywhere in KL but if you are a Tong Kee’s fan like me, there are 2 places you can crave for it:
1. MJ Cafe @ SS2 (same row as Maybank) at Jalan SS2/63
2. Tong Kee Brothers @ Damansara Uptown. Click on the link for directions.
P.S. Feel free to comment If you […]


Highly reasonable Breakfast and Lunch Set @ Ali Cafe

11 Jan 2010
As one of our very first stop to re-evaluate the inflation and food standard in KL for year 2010, we revisited the common coffee brand’s cafe - Ali Cafe for their meal sets, which still priced from RM3.90 for mee siam set to RM 6.20 for a western set.
We sticked to the breakfast toast set priced at RM4.20 (priced at RM3.90 months ago). It still […]

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