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Pizza Hut 50% all time on weekdays

P.S It is confirmed by the staff that the promo is no longer available.

17 June 2011¬
This should be no stranger to most of us as it is advertised widely in the media.
It is really a steal and have been on my list all the time since it started. Remember to choose only¬†ONE deal PER PERSON, and only […]


Hong Kong Dessert Tian Pin / Tim Pan Gor Gor ???? 30%

16 June 2011¬
In conjuction with its anniversary, the dessert specialist is having 30% on selected items everyday, great rare opportunity for the fans or those wanted to try it.
Their signature is noodle like jelly and chee cheong fun with mango and other fruits. Added to the menu is some chinese dim sum, the selected is on the promotion as well.
(Opposite SS2 food court)
36, Ground […]


The Loaf 50% off all breads

8 June 2011
Here comes Subang¬†fans for the long awaited biggest sales¬†for 2000 loyal members¬†at Empire Shopping Gallery… if you miss the previous one on 9th April at IOI Boulevard. Be early as you might be going for a war indeed, where the crowd could¬†be unexpectedly mad and buying like enough to open their own […]

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