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The Loaf Member Day all at 50%

25 Apr 2012
The japanese bakery from our beloved Dr. M is having a ‘grand sales’ today (25th April) at Pavilion outlet all day long (8am - 10pm). Be there early to avoid the crowd.
The offer is valid for all items in both bakery & bistro. We really love the cranberry cheese bun, tuna pastries, and […]


Sector 7 - Insider News!

23 April 2012
This just in. For many, everyone would have been┬ávery satisfied with Beer Factory’s promo last week. According to one of the staff, Beer Factory’s sister company or disco area, Sector 7 is having another promo this coming week from 26 to 28 April! Unlike Beer Factory which opened in early March, Sector 7 […]


Beer Factory RM 1 yet again!

19 April 2012
Who would ever be able to get enough of RM 1 beer? Definitely not me. Therefore, to please everyone since the last promotion on 17 March, Beer Factory decided to throw yet another RM 1 beer, this time for 3 days from 19 to 21 April. Definitely saw many people having fun even […]


Free Flow beer @ The e-Library soft launch

12 Apr 2012
Here comes the long awaited soft launch of new e-Library tonight on 12-Apr:
- Free flow beer and cocktails (9pm-10pm)
- Lots of games
- Featuring band Alternature
Updates: Sadly, there was only beer served from tap which makes the claiming process a pain! There were times that there were no more available glasses or beer poured […]


McDonald Breakfast Chic Muffin only RM2.50

9 Apr 2012
While the Weekday Breakfast Specials had been slightly revised to almost RM4.70 for all in recent months, this is definitely a good reward for their loyal fans or breakfast lovers like us. In fact, we did grab this on the first morning touching down Malaysia @o@.
The relatively new Chicken Muffin is now priced […]


Masaki Honda Italian Capricciosa promo RM9.90, RM15.90

10 Apr 2012

If you are looking for a high quality daily hand made pasta and authentic Italian pizza which had made a fair bit of waves in the town since last year, it is CaPriCcioSa! Back in 1978, Capricciosa has already started to gain praises and created a hit for Italian pasta made by the […]

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