Another Genki Sushi @ 1 Utama

salmon sushi23 April 2008

Another fabulous try at Genki Sushi, this time at 1 Utama, still proven to be better than before, though not as good as the on in KLCC. Aparently, some places do improve to my great surprise!

The spicy salmon at RM 2, were in slices & spicy enough unlike the minced adulterated ones at Sakae Sushi, the salmon skin were also in slices unlike the few specs of dust in Sakae Sushi. The rice was compact enough also unlike Sakae Sushi where it does not break when picked up by the chopstick. Also do take note that all sweet beancurd sushis here also come with ingredients unlike Sakae Sushi where one comes with ingredient, while the second is empty, seems like the typical ‘prudent’ otak-otak, spicy salmon, crabstick salad, salmon salad, potato saladSingaporean company to me, ha! Thick layer of yummy Salmon salad was packed into the sushi while the seaweed was still fresh & crispy.

As shown in the image, I ordered the potato salad at RM 2, Otak-otak sushi at RM 2, salmon salad sushi RM 2, crabstick salad sushi at RM 2, salmon sushi at RM2, spicy salmon sushi & salmon skin temaki or handroll at RM 4. I enjoyed the potato salad which had lots of potatoes though abit less of mayo, otak-otak was good too as a malaysianised sushi while still maintaining the original taste of otak-otak, salmon salad sushi with lots of yummy minced salmon in it, salmon sushi which I enjoyed chewing the sticky rice & salmon skin temaki with all its crispy strips of golden fried salmon skin. However, the crabstick salad sushi was too lacking in mayo & too much of cucumber while the spicy salmon looked abit wierd with dark & light colours in it though still tasty.

Again, it is still 20% for all Citibank credit card members until 31 December 2008. However, given the choice between KLCC & 1 Utama, I would definitely go for Genki Sushi’s KLCC branch & if I do not need such a wide variety of sushi or if my favourites would be similar to the above, I would definitely choose Genki on top of Sakae.

Lot G212, 1-Utama Shopping Complex,
8 Dataran Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7726 6428   Fax: 03- 7726 642

Environment      : Japanese Restaurant
Service             : 4/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 4/5

3 Responses to “Another Genki Sushi @ 1 Utama”

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    pcphobic Says:

    Check out Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid, above Kim Gary in old wing. Don’t mistake it for ZEN which is another Japanese restaurant also above Kim Gary.

    Sushi Zanmai was recommend to me by my Japanese colleague. It’s surprisingly cheap for a proper Japanese restaurant. For example, Sukiyaki is only RM15 while other restaurants are charging RM35

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Thanks pcphobic.I have tried that outlet before but maybe it might be abit too long ago, might need to eat there again to refresh my mind, ha! But I agree with you, environment is fantastic, food presentation great & quality as well as flavour is out of this world!

    In the meantime, I have reviewed Sushi Zanmai at Mid Valley, the Gardens, do check it out!

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    arhiderrr Says:

    Nice article

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