Pricey & dirty Shifted William’s Corner @ Taman Mayang

beef lasagna16 January 2008

After all the hype about friends & blogs recommending this place as well as even seeing this place filled with many people before, it was time to give it a try though we were warned about its price and cleanliness of the place. It is actually a roadside stall along the same road as the old Lim Kok Wing with a small shade which is able to fit about 8 tables as the other stalls around it are usually closed at night or non-existent. When we were there, mind you, the place does looks dirty as the floor is very dark & oily & filled with pot holes.

Though any specialty food is at least RM15 & above & even up to RM35!! But the sizes are usually big enough for 2 to share, so we called beef lasagna which was RM 15. It was tasty, cheesy & came piping hot but abit oily, however, it was not really sufficient for 2 of us. In contrast, we observed, the spaghetti & soft shell crab fried rice were very big portions. Thus, lasagna is not recommended if you are looking for more worthwhile portions. To fill our stomachs, we ordered another 2 roti canais which were 90 sen each. I saw there were many types of jumbo drinks too like ribena lychee & other fruit drinks but gave it a skip.

Frankly, for the price you pay here, I would rather spend it at more upmarket places where I can dine in style & comfort, minus all the sweat, oil & dirt, ha! Service was not really good either. The story behind this place is that the owner is a baba / nyonya & is the brother of the owner of SS2 Murni mamak.

wooden shacks along SS 26/9, (Shifted)
Same row as 7 eleven & old Lim Kok Wing (2nd last shop lot behind the college building)
Taman Mayang Jaya,
Petaling Jaya
Opens at night only (7pm onwards)

Environment      :  Mamak stall operated by baba / nyonya guy
Service             : 3/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 2/5

2 Responses to “Pricey & dirty Shifted William’s Corner @ Taman Mayang”

  1. 1
    akidos Says:

    ur review are very biased … do u have any problems with the william ?

    I personally think the food offered are good and since there isnt tax charges … the prices are reasonable !

    ur title should be taman mayang and should mention the pricey part is only ur opinion !

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Hi Akidos,

    Maybe I should rephrase my review abit. There are items which are reasonable while there are items which are not. Like for example, the lasagna was definitely not. Anyhow, I may be abit biased as somehow I cannot accept the fact paying large sums of money sitting at the mamak stalls.

    However, I would agree with you I did like the soft shell crab fried rice.

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