Tosai, Puri & Banana Leaf Rice @ Sri Paandi Section 11, PJ

dsc01003.JPG25 November 2007

What more budget branch could you have but to go for indian food? Between 2 people, the food ordered were:
1 puri RM1 (best tried so far)
1 tosai masala RM2 - filled with vegetables & some yummy ghee
1 tosai RM1.20 - comes pre mixed with some vegetables too
2 vade RM1.40
1 teh tarik RM1

The chicken, fish and dhall curry gravies were all great & the best part, is still relatively cheap, the total came up to RM6.60 only!

For lunch, they usually have Banana Leaf rice as their main item. It has one of the most ingredients around, which are 3 types of vegetable dishes, 3 types of keropok/papadam, dried chilli, 2 sour dishes, rasam & sour milk as the basic set and all can be refilled! There was an Indian Restaurant in Bangsar Telawi area (Nirvana Maju) which actually charged RM2 for topping up just vegetables.

Jalan 11/4 (Dato’ Mahmud) 

Environment       : Indian Restaurant
Service             : 3/5
Taste                : 4/5
Price                 : 5/5

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