Wah SiFu’s Mini Egg Tart @ Imbi, on par with the best ‘Tong Kee’!

Mini egg tart from Wah Sifu26 April 2008 

This is not my first visit to the stall at Weng Hin corner coffee shop, located at Jalan Imbi. I remembered it was back in 2005, I was introduced to this stall selling Seremban siew pao by colleagues when I started working at Sultan Ismail and my company will always have this and the siew pao for teatime if there are some meetings or trainings after lunch.

Now, the tarts, they are still as good as the older days and guess what, no change in prices, RM0.50 each! To describe in words, the filling is just as smooth and soft as Tong Kee with skin that is not as flaky as the Tong Kee’s because it is mini, remember? Tonh Kee’s is definitely crispier or perhaps oilier? Ha!

So far, of most egg tarts that I have tried in KL, Ipoh or Penang, this is the only one that can beat the reputable Tong Kee. I have yet to try the similar one from Restaurant Sorn, Paramount Garden, reviewed by others, but I will surely pay this place a visit one day, soon.

You can indulge in their range of mini tarts and puffs that come with pineapples, tuna, char siew etc which I found good too. In fact, they used to print the name Wah Si Fu on their cardboard boxes and they said there is another branch in KL that sells this tart. I wonder if this comes from Wah Si Fu from Seremban selling seremban siew pau/pow, Ka Lui Ping /biscuits for chinese wedding…

Flavourful tarts @ John King since 1965 (halal)

Weng Hing
183, Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur
Opens from morning to afternoon

Environment      : Coffee Shop
Service             : 4/5
Taste                : 5/5
Price                 : 5/5

Tasti East (M) Sdn. Bhd.
1607, Jalan Rasah,
70300 Seremban
Tel: 06-7649360, 7610662

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