Best old place for authentic ‘roti bakar’ @ Imbi market

Toast with frozen butter and kaya at 7am6 April 2008

I am a crazy bread lover and I can have it for 3 meals a day but at the end of the day, this is my ultimate favourate one - an authentic toast / roti bakar / roti kahwin with pure butter and runny fragrant kaya (a jam made from coconut milk, eggs, flavourful pandan leaves and sugar). 

This is a very old shop at the hot food section in Imbi market, they sell drinks and toast. Sometimes when I miss the toast (RM1.70) so much, I would wake up as early as 6am on weekend just to make sure I have time to catch a bite of it from this place. Honestly, the bread they used is ordinary Hainanese bread, toasted in small oven but it is the good kaya and Bun with melting frozen butter and kayagenerous amount of pure butter that make it so authentic! However, I prefer thicker bread and it would be perfect if they toast it on traditional charchoal :p 

To accompany the toast, I usually order a cup of iced Hainanese coffee (RM1.30 or RM1.40) although I am not a fan of coffee at all, ha! Yes, it is another signature item from this shop. You will not miss these items as you will notice every table orders these. I have to excuse myself as I am not very sure about the price, but I promise I will double check it next time when I eat there. Besides Old Town Kopitiam, Uncle’s Lim Cafe, Kluang Station, Toast Box, do share with me if you find any place especially coffee shops / mamak in KL which serve good toast with butter, noHainanese Coffee margarine please!

Imbi Market
Jalan Imbi, KL
(If you need direction to Imbi market, you can ask around or contact me)

Environment : Hawker stall
Service : 4/5
Taste : 4/5
Price : 4/5

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