Restoran & Pub Sin Hoy Kee @ Kampung Cempaka

sin hoy kee2 May 2008

This is an old timer Kampung Cempaka place where one can find many old folks lazing around. It is very well stocked with lots of liquor for the night time. However, where least expected, you can actually find affordable good food here, for lunch that is. For example this stall has lots of variety of noodles, like pumpkin mee, lam mee, fish head noodles, java mee, prawn mee, noodles with black sauce (lam yee) pork and curry mee. Most of the food is still RM3.50 with the exception of the pumpkin mee & black sauce (lam yee) pork at RM 4 when most places are selling their noodles at RM 3.80 or RM 4.

Apart from that stall, there is a stall operated by a china lady which serves mee stallsua with lots & lots of bitter gourd! Her prices are RM 4 though. The ‘tai chow’ stall is also good for its fried rice where it exudes a fragrant seafood aroma after being fried with prawns, prices here are RM 4.50.

Restoran & Pub Sin Hoy Kee
Kampung Cempaka,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Environment : Chinese Coffee Shop
Service           : 4/5
Taste              : 4/5
Price               : 4/5

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