RM1 drinks for breakfast @ cozy Prince Cafe vs Wong Kok vs Kim Gary

Aug 2008

While enjoying the discounted breakfast items from 9am-12pm, don’t forget to complete your meal with drinks for only RM1 (coffee, tea, ice lemon tea)! Will post review on their food soon.

Generally, food here are definitely tastier than Wong Kok and also cheaper (and could be of better quality) than Kim Gary.

Taste wise, it could be on par or slighly below Kim Gary. However, credits go to their aromatic fried nissin noodle & the tasty rich cheese baked rice which used to be Kim Gary’s signature. Another credit to their generous amount served. What do you think? Feel free to comment.

All these explain why they can sustain in the volatile SS2 while many cafes come and go and others are struggling to survive. In fact, I now frequenting this place more than Kim Gary which is deteriorating in taste and quality.

Good news for everyone, it is an ongoing promo.

List of outlets:

Ground floor, Mid Valley (Latest outlet, opp north entrance)

SS2 (next to KFC, same row as relatively new coffee cafe Old Taste)
58, 60 Jln ss2/67
9am-1am (weekdays)
9am-2am (weekends)
Free WIFI (key - 78743996)

Metro Prima, Kepong

Environment : Cafe
Service           : 3/5
Taste              : 3.5/5
Price               : 3.5/5

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