RM3.90 breakfast set extended @ KFC

23 Feb 2009

Yes yes, you all do know about the promo but how about the extension to end of March? For O.R. lover like me, this is absolutely an irresistable chance to grab for more coupons.

For those who has not tried O.R. burger, correct me if I am wrong, chicken drumstick fillet is used together with the original KFC recipe to ensure you can have a succulent fillet while enjoying the ever irresistable original KFC. It is pretty similar to eating O.R. fried chicken. 

Well, some might say O.R. burgers are too small that can only be treated as a snack. Yes, it does look smaller than McMuffin but hey, we (boys and girls) have tried it and it is actually quite sufficient for breakfast looking at the fillet and its thickness. No offence for McD kaki as I love both!

Some details on this promo set…
It comes with scrambled eggs on O.R. burger and a cup of tea / refillable coffee, original coupons required, breakfast is served from 5am (for 24-hour outlet) or 6am-11am. Invalid at Genting Highlands, First World,  Cameron Highlands, LCCT, and Langkawi.

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