McDonald’s RM 5.95 McValue Lunch

16 March 2009

First, McDonald’s introduced the following McSaver items:
- RM 3 for 2 pies (banana or apple) or RM2 pie
- RM 3 for a 4 piece chicken nuggets
- RM 4 filet-o-fish burger
- RM 3 Sundae (Strawberry / Chocolate)

Following came slightly more recent
- RM 2 small fries
- RM 3 beef burger
- RM 2 small carbonated drink
- RM 3 chicken porridge

And now, (I think many would have known about this since there is much publicity) they have come out with the most recent & I believe most attractive to all, RM 5.95 McValue Lunches! Imagine this, where can you find an air-conditioned restaurant that serves set lunches at RM5.95? Virtually can’t find any! Furthermore, it starts everyday (Just last month it was only every weekday) from 12.00pm to 3.00pm and comes with a burger or nuggets with medium french fries & a medium carbonated drink (unlimited refill too!). The sets up for grabs are:
- double cheese burger
- 6 piece chicken nuggets
- Filet-o-fish burger
- McChicken burger

I am definitely giving this a 5 out of 5 for price! But do hurry as it may be for a limited time only as some may know McDonald’s change their great value promotional items quite frequently.

Environment : Fast Food Restaurant
Service           : 5/5
Taste              : 4/5
Price               : 5/5

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