Welcome back! Oktoberfest 2009 1 Utama!

oktoberfest09 ad22 October 2009

Initially at the start of this month I was sadden that I could not find any event on the Oktoberfest 2009 at 1 Utama. However, today to much delight, I found it! So yes, start collecting your 50 sen coins again or maybe the best trick is to go those parking ticket payment machines which do not disburse paper notes for change & voila, it should be sufficient for you!

Price is still the same, 2 pieces of 50 sen coins for a bottle of Lowenbrau imported german beer but with a slight change in conditions, which is you need to show the One Card.

Do not fret though, there is a new promo where if you buy a bucket of beer or spend RM50 and above on food, you get a free bottle of Lowenbrau too, limited to 500 bottles a day. I am showing the ad to let it do the talking instead.

One more change to note, it is from 29 October to 31 October 2009 which is Thursday to Saturday, so don’t think of going on a lazy Sunday just to find an empty venue!

31 October 2009

I believe some of you may be greatly disappointed this year. Gone were the biglowenbrau & long happy crowd lining up for RM 1 beers as a further condition imposed was each One card member was only allowed 1 bottle of beer per-day! The crowd noticeably shranked this year & I believe definitely business was much slower too especially when it rained for all 3 days.

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