Best authentic flavour of Apom/Apam Balik @ Taman Yulek

Malays call it Apom/Apam Balik and Chinese/Nyonya call this ‘Ban Chiang/Chen/Chang/Jian Kuih’ which is simply a local pancake originally comes with groundnut & sugar, commonly found at night and morning market. There are 2 types: thick and crispy thin.

Apom / Apam Balik from YulekHonestly I am not fond of this local staple nor groundnuts but this one really got me into it since then. From the very first bite, you will instantly notice the difference this stall has to offer. The home-grounded groundnuts are perfectly roasted unlike the commercial one. This explains why the fillings are exceptionally strong & full bodied. On top of that, you won’t be disappointed by the amount of fillings they used. The picture should tell it all…

My last piece of advice to you is try to go there early if you want to avoid the long queue which starts even before night fall, people usually order in big bulk!

Night market in Taman Cheras/Yulek (The garden is opposite Tesco in Taman Midah along Jalan Cheras)

Every Thursday

* PM me if you need any directions

Environment : Hawker stall
Service           : 3/5
Taste              : 4.5/5
Price               : 4/5

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    finally something about cheras……

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