Yuen Garden (??Tian Yuan Dian Xin) Dim Sum 1st branch landed @ SS2

Yuen Garden SS2
17 April 2010 

Originally occupied by Sri Siam restaurant for ages, the dim sum eatery that built up its name among Puchong population has chosen this special food heritage row in SS2 for his very first branch, just open on 17th April 2010.

For a short intro to food trailers or as tourist tips, you can find countless of old timers in just one street: New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant, Sri Siam Thai Restaurant, Nyonya Restaurant, behind the shops are also famous lobster specialist Lobsterman, Teow Chew Ming for Penang porridge and mee sua, Tian Ping Cafe for Mee Bok, etc etc. On top of that, they are glorious fried dim sumhighly blogged and recommended.

We waited eagerly for this day and took the priviledge to patronise this place on the first day of its opening and it was jam packed for the whole day (do not espect discount / promotion for new opening though). The boss was there to get feedback and also some familar faces from Puchong HQ. 

Well food wise, personally, there is still alot of room to improve especially the loh mai kai where it was too heavy laden with black sauce (you can see for yourself in the photo, far behind..) until it looks black as compared to Puchong HQ’s, although the boss assured that they are made from Puchong as well :p
scallop har kau

58, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya,

1 Jalan Kenari 18
47300 Puchong
Open for breakfast, lunch

Environment : Chinese Cafe
Service        : 3/5
Taste           : 2.5/5
Price            : 3/5

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