Opening Promotion RM1.90 @ Hainan Tea, SS2

Started in Low Yat Plaza and expanding its crawl to PJ, Hainan Tea is giving out very good opening promo (about 50%) everyday since August till 08 September. You just need to add RM1 to enjoy the signiture drinks: Hainan Tea, coffee etc

Breakfast RM1.90 with the choices of:
        Trio brown toast (generous kaya, butter, peanut butter in 3 toasts)
        2 omega half boiled eggs with steam sesame wholemeal bun
        2 Egg miyo in rolled toast
        Chee cheong fun

Lunch RM3.90 with the choice of:
        Steam Hainan chicken with oil rice
        Steam Hainan chicken with noodle soup (N/A)
        Nasi lemak with sausage
        Chee cheong fun with XO sauce
        Tuna miyo thick toast

Dinner RM5.90
        Mutton curry with noodles
        BBQ roast chicken with rice

We have tried the breakfast and lunch sets, I would say the food taste & presentation is beyond many cafe’s standards, extra points for the good impressions of the photos on their menu, and not forgetting the nice and comfy sofas and chairs. The environment definitely looks much elegant than the original outlet in Low Yat, not far from some coffee chains.

The sincerity of the business is also shown from bosses who are running the shows and serving customers unlike most of the franchaised cafes, and staff seems to be local malays if not wrong, another credits :)

Nevertheless, we do have many bad experiences with the services:

1. We noticed that our orders are missed after seeing many tables are served. So we asked many times and the drinks finally came, but the food still to no avail. Thus we left no choice but to call one of the bosses around after waiting about 20minutes. The boss is kind enough to apologise and explain the order slip might have flown! When we settled the bill with the boss, a staff came back with wrong change for three times, if not more, laugh!

2. We were told no more promotion breakfast when we arrived on one of the public holiday morning around 10 or 10.30am. There is no more bread in the house even if I wanted to order from ala-carte!

3. During a visit this morning, the half-boiled eggs promotion is running out due to eggs out of stock at about 9.10am, so we changed the order. However we did see people who came before and after us were served with half-boiled eggs. Is it another co-incidence?

Promotion: from now until 8 September, for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday

Low Yat Plaza
SS2 (same row as public bank and the famous Murni mamak, back to back with Old Tastes)
Bandar Puteri Puchong - Opening soon

Environment : No pork Chinese Cafe
Service        : 2/5
Taste           : 3/5
Price            : 3/5

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    I should try it ! lack of choice for lunch now! thanks alot

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