Chee cheong fun behind beach club

9 February 2011

While fresh in my mind, I would like to review this stall selling chee cheong fun behind Beach Club along Jalan Sultan Ismail. This small road attracts the office crowd in the afternoons as well as the club goers at night. However, in the afternoon, there is a whole variety of food from malay, mamak to chinese food.

I enjoyed the chee cheong fun as the gravy was pretty thick & dark unlike some which is quite light in color. On top of that, it is extremely reasonable too at most choices at 70 sen & some others at 80 sen a piece. With soaring prices of food in KL, this is a big relief as a bowl of noodles at the hawker stall (not coffee shop) costs a minimum of RM 4.50 now. I took 6 pieces in total & it only costs me RM 4.30, 1 piece tasted somewhat like lobak so explains why it costs abit more.

Environment: Hawker stalls
Service        : 4/5
Taste           : 4/5
Price            : 5/5

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