McDonald’s breakfast promotion till 31 March (McD)

big breakfast18 March 2011

I would like to give a special mention on a McDonald’s breakfast promotion where there has been flyers circulating since last week, The Star on either Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th March where when one spends RM 5 & above, you will get 2 free big breakfast free! I even noticed that you can print from this web site too:

This is on top of the already very reasonably priced weekday breakfast sets:
- RM 4.00 for Sausage McMuffin
- RM 4.50 for Sausage egg McMuffin
- RM 4.50 for Egg McMuffin with chicken roll
- RM 4.50 for Hot Cakes (last year was RM4.00)
All sets come with unlimited refill of coffee or tea!

The friendly staff even gave some tips on what items to choose to make up the RM5, eg:
- 1 RM4 Sausage McMuffin set & RM2 apple pie
- 2 regular RM 2.95 coffees
- 1 RM 4.50 weekday set upgraded to juice or ribena to make it RM 5.25 nett

I like those places where they have the scrambled eggs still abit moist or runny on the inside which I just found at Section 14 Petaling Jaya outside the location where Jaya used to be.

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