Kenny Roger’s inflation effects

mini chicken13 March 2011

In this article, I would like to show what inflation & rising prices of literally everything has caused. This is also a word of caution for some who think a standard Kenny Roger’s meal can make one very full like yours truely. This picture was taken from Cheras Leisure Mall & apparently also similar in Berjaya Times Square. It definitely looks more like a snack of 1 piece chicken or quarter spring chicken with 3 large side dishes.

Guess this is one of the severe effects of inflation or just so happened chicken prices shot up drastically recently as I remembered eating a decent sized chicken back in December. Anyone can comment on this? Fortunately, this was purchased with the buy 2 quarter meals free 1 quarter meal worth RM 15.90 coupon given to Berjaya share holders which is ending 31 March.


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