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Beds26 June 2011

I am not usually a big fan of budget hotels especially in Malaysia where many are used for dodgy & unhealthy activites. I was even more skeptical when I was about to stay in Johor Bahru after hearing all the vice activites even happening among the authorities. Nevertheless, since it was free of charge, I thought what the heck, just give it a try.

Upon approaching the hotel, I noticed it occupied 2 relatively new shoplots & looked quite respectable. Once inside, small paththere are a few chairs & a reception counter spanning two thirds of the shoplot. At the back of the shoplot is the cafe where the welcome drink is served. On top of that, there is an alfresco dining & a small internet corner just before reaching the staircase. For a small hotel, it is also good to know there is even a conference room for business guests usage!

Security was surprisingly good where to enter the staircase or press a button in the lift, one would need to wave the card first. It is also the same for the room door, however, to turn on the electricity, unfortunately needs the same card too & it cannot be replaced with any magnetic stripe card or credit card, ha!

The room looked decent with a brand new 32 inch LCD card & coffee making facilities & rubber slippers. It is a minimalist concept where there is just a table top with no drawers, a mirror & open cupboard type. The room I stayed in was the Premier Tatami at RM 148 which is able to accomodate 4 persons & has abit of Japanese look at the sleeping area with the wooden partition & wooden platform where the mattresses are placed. For couples, there is the usual Deluxe King room at RM 109 which looked more ordinary.

Now for the negative part where some may need abit of getting used to. As the 2 shoplots are intermediate, most of the rooms except those behind or in front do not have windows & the rooms are small so some may feel abit claustrophobic. As shown in the toiletphoto, if there is a person standing in the small pathway, another person passing through would need to squeeze through sideways. The wall separating the bathroom is made of glass to give it a modern look. Additionally, some walls separating the rooms maybe made of the plaster ceiling material. These thin walls with the tile flooring makes it very low in soundproofing. Loud noises, people chatting & door closures next door can definitely be heard, sometimes even 2 doors away could be heard.

In summary, the hotel is recommendable for those who are on a tight budget since it also has free parking and slight above RM 100. However, in terms of convenience, except for a Jusco next door, other attractions are a good 10-15 minutes drive depending on traffic.

24,26,27 & 28 Block A, Permas Mall,
Jalan Permas Utara,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,
Johor Bahru.
Tel: +6073889889 / 3882882, +60167133339

Service        : 4/5
Price            : 4/5

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