Oktoberfest 2011 - Dissappointment

beers & cocktails!6 October 2011

For beer lovers, this is usually the time of the year we are waiting for, Oktoberfest! However, sadly, this year, maybe due to the economy slowdown yet again, there is no more RM 1 beer from Oktoberfest.

I still remembered last year there were 2 events,
1. 1 Utama for 3 days where Löwenbräu special edition Oktoberfestbier 1 pint was going for 2 50 sen coins!
2. Beer Factory where they gave out 500 free beers for 2 days

Food!Apart from Oktoberfest, there were other ocassions of cheap or free beer like:
- 15 July 2011 Chelsea event at Beer factory where tiger beers were RM1
- 23 July 2011 Social KL
- 3 June 2011 Social KL

However, this year’s Oktoberfest seems to be a great disappointment as I have been following up with the organisers of 1 Utama’s Oktoberfest & only today, after 4 days, I managed get a firm reply that the promotion is not on this year. It is very sad to find out as I know they have been running this promotion since at least year Environment2005 & at worst, there was a year that the promo was limited to only 1 Utama card members, so why the drastic change? My only guess is that since July the economy must have slumped a great deal to the extent that no one can give really good deal beers!

On a slightly more positive note, the best deals I have researched so far are:
1.  Brux-Ale Belgium Bistro on 1 October where it was also their first anniversary. They had free 3 drinks which one can choose between Sangria, white beer & pils beer.
On top of that, they also served free hoppas or tapas or more simply, finger food.

2.  Beer Factory on 8 October where the first 1 litre of Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier or Tiger Draught with the mug is RM 50 which similar at other venues too but subsequent refills are at RM 30 which is worthwhile for Paulaner & big drinkers.

At Brux-Ale, the Belgium waiter mentioned the Sangria was like a cocktail of red wine with fruits, white beer is Belgium’s equivalent to Hoegaarden & pils something like Carlsberg. All 3 were good where unless you are a beer connoisseur, you probably could not tell the diference between the white beer & Hoegaarden, but I sticked with 2 free Sangria’s.

I liked the mussles with some tasty gravy as well as the fragrant meatballs which was abit similar to Ikea’s & egg which had the yolk replaced with some richer mixture with mayonnaise & one had tuna mixed in too.

On the left are some pictures to whet your appetite for both food & alcohol. Please do let me know if there are better deals than what I posted.

For All locations of Oktoberfest this year, you may stay up-to-date with the following Facebook pages:

2 Responses to “Oktoberfest 2011 - Dissappointment”

  1. 1
    Renepogel Says:

    Those people who as always looking for cheap beer are cheapskate who have no fun. I have been to the last 2 One utama 2×50c beers and most of the crowd lining up for cheap beer were foreign workers some still in general worker uniform, after 1 hour they disappeared. I wasn’t going this year but some friends wanted me to go on Friday so I did, still free entry but the place rocked, a proper German band, great food and the people that went just had a blast. Paying RM40 for a litre of carlsberg + a mug is a damn good deal with free entertainment, great girls and good times. I went to Souled out and was more like a pasar malam. Beer factory was ok on Saturday but ended back at One Utama drinking erdinger and lowenbrau at 50+ a mug good value for the atmosphere which was much much better. Thanks One Utama!

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Well, to be frank, I ended up going on Saturday too.
    I also went to Tropicana City Mall & took a peak at Souled Out & Beer Factory.

    While I must admit 1 Utama has the largest event so far but they could have at least allowed refills at a cheaper price. At the end of the day, what will be done to all the mugs? Definitely bad for the environment. Is also true I did observe many foreigners that left after 1 hour but many stayed on to enjoy the collected beers

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