Ampang ?? Foong Foong YTF is still one of the best

12 Jan 2008

Last month, I decided that I must return to Hung Hung/Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo/Yong Tau Fu after a long absence, all the way to Pekan Ampang. Sad to say, food stuff usually does not have any branch. In fact, it surprised me as I am expecting a downgrade in quality and volume to save cost or even a price hike as what we all are experiencing in Malaysia now:

- Food wise, the filling is very fresh and still insist on giving good quality and generous amount of filling, served piping hot, and the dark soup is as good as ever, a big thumbs up!

- On top of that, they only charge 70cents per piece where the normal price for YTF in most places in KL are from 90cents onwards. It was 60cents few years back, I still find it hard to believe what I have seen!

All the YTF here are highly recommended especially dumpling in both soup or deep fried, fu chok, boiled tau foo. It would be perfect if they can serve meat ball with shredded dried squid. They also serve the red sweet source for dipping, one more credit for Hung Hung!

Honestly, I salute them for keeping the inflation so low for normal citizens like us who are struggling to keep up with the inflation rate of 20%-30% (this is what I observed from around KL city, purely own opinion)  as well as maintaining their quality and quantity nowadays.

Pekan Ampang
(same row as other YTF like ‘Ampang Homeland’ and ‘Orchard View’ )

Environment      : Chinese Restaurant
Service             : 5/5
Taste                : 5/5
Price                 : 5/5

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